A Multifaceted Approach to handle all crucial aspects of the growth stage of a startup.

Helping your new venture develop sustainably in a highly competitive market and surpass the rivals.

We assist startup ventures with an ingeniously crafted launch strategy, targeting variables specific to their market, customer base, industry, product, and resources. The output will be a strategy based on consumer behavior, brand perceptions, and other crucial parameters. We believe in rooting your new venture deeply and firmly with data and reliable recommendations.

Since it is crucial to have a strategy that clearly defines the steps needed to go from idea to reality we offer;


PE-Backed IT Startup

Van Natter Consulting Group startup launch strategy helped a PE-backed IT consulting startup increase its inbound leads by 20% and increase revenue by 23%.

The Issue

This startup was struggling with brand recognition and a poor communication strategy. Additionally, their senior leadership team recognized that they needed help improving the sales skills of their sales team. Resulting in a low number of inbound leads and missing their revenue objectives.


Van Natter Consulting Group started with a deep dive into their current marketing and sales strategies and performance data to find growth opportunities. Van Natter Consulting Group then created a new marketing and communication strategy supporting its implementation with a new sales strategy. Van Natter Consulting Group created a digital marketing strategy to solve their inbound lead performance that increased inbound leads by 20%. Van Natter Consulting Group then compared the performance data to industry averages to bring their sales-qualified lead goals into correct alinement with their revenue objectives. And used the growth opportunity areas to create a training program to lift the sales team's performance and sales team development.

Monthly Revenue


Revenue Increase In 6 Months
20% Expanded into the US and EU

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