We collaborate with our clients 

 to create training programs that maximize their sales teams’ performance.

We start the process with a deep dive into your data and performance metrics to uncover growth opportunities. We then compare your performance to your industry averages to better understand how your sales team performs against your competition. We then develop a customized program that improves your sales team’s abilities and confidence and unlocks their full potential. Driving your organization towards success and increased revenue.

Helping you answer how I can increase my sales teams’ close rations, lower my client churn ratio, and improve my teams’ client needs assessment, negotiation skills, and ability to overcome objections? And get my revenue performance back to its goal?


Financial Services

Significant drop in revenue, low customer service scores, and low employee satisfaction scores.

A training program designed to improve a company’s unique sales issues.

The Issue

Senior Leaders of a regional U.S. bank knew that their Branch staff needed help improving their sales performance and relationship-building skills but did not want to create an in-house sales training department. They also believed that the sales team knew they needed help, and not receiving it lowered their employee satisfaction.


We partnered with the company’s leaders to help them uncover the personality, tone of voice, and image that they wanted for their company. We used this information to create a LinkedIn outreach strategy that included articles and posts that demonstrated their expertise supported by a communication map for timely message delivery. And the creation of a vlog where they exhibited their skill by providing quick solutions for their viewer’s issues. We then crafted a lead generation process through conversational marketing to build relationships with their new followers.

Monthly Revenue

40 %

In customer service scores
30% In employee satisfaction scores
135% In revenue statistics

Companies we have helped unlock their growth