Whether a startup or a well-established market leader

you must have a refined sales strategy and structure that optimizes your performance and saves valuable time and resources to reach your true revenue potential.

We partner with our clients to create customer-centric sales strategies that customers are heading towards the bottom of the funnel and ultimately becoming loyal customers. And sales team structure that answers; when & how to expand your sales force and what size and configuration of your sales team meet the growth goals?

Import and Export Company

Increasing conversion rates and customer service scores through a new team structure and outreach strategy

We partnered with an import-export company to create a new sales strategy and align their sales team. Which reengaged past clients, improved their CRM process, gained new clients, and moved their sales teams from silowes into pods.c

The Issue

Our client recognized that they were not hitting their revenue expectations and needed to make changes. Also, while their lead-gen and A.E. teams were being praised for their performance, their SDRs and the company were not meeting their goals.


We implemented a new market outreach strategy supported by an improved sales process and merged their lead-gen, A.E.s, and SDRs into PODs. We also advised on a new CRM selection and coached their management to have successful CRM review meetings. We combined these with a new prospecting structure, lead qualification process, past client re-engagement practice, and implemented a new outreach messaging structure. As a result, they increased their baseline performance by 35 new contracts in 20 weeks, totaling €3.4 million in additional revenue. In addition, they increased their conversion rates by 17% and increased their customer service scores by 26%.

Monthly Revenue

3.4 M

In less than 20 Weeks

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