The process must uncover the best market to launch

In the ideal customer to sell to, an outreach strategy to reach those customers and the product/service's competition.

It is a complex task to land a new product in a highly competitive market that offers nothing but a high degree of uncertainty and fluctuations. But with Van Natter Consulting Group, we provide a well-investigated and crafted Go-To-Market Strategy. And a deeply customized approach for your product or service, enabling you to create value in your market.

When making critical choices for creating the optimum move for your product or service, we help you uncover your core potential to fuel your growth engines. By answering what your brand delivers, why customers should choose you, who are competitors, and how to promote and sell your product?


Go-To-Market for a Data Startup

Creating and Implementing a Go-To-Market strategy for a data start-up in an NYC incubator enabled them to accelerate their process of entering the market

The Issue

This startup, like any other, had the vision to penetrate the market with clients and revenue hand in hand. First, however, they needed help creating a strategy to make this happen, and that's where expert advice and solutions are required.


The Van Natter Consulting Group helped this startup implement a GoTo-Market strategy to achieve its revenue goals. Van Natter Consulting Group started by developing a better understanding of their buyer, including their concerns and pain-point, mapped where they fit in the marketing, supported by an extensive competitor analysis to create an air-tight marketing and sales strategy.

Van Natter Consulting Group strategy helped this startup gain 7 large banking clients in less than 6 months, with more than $140,000 in monthly revenue.

Monthly Revenue

$ 140000

In less than 6 months

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