We help our clients by mapping their customer’s whole progression with deep-dives

into each stage to identify ways to add value and consistency across the entire customer journey from pre-purchase and purchase to post-purchase.

Today’s customers are at a crossroad of sophistication and utilitarian perspective. Therefore, the most conclusive way to harness the attention and sensibilities of your customer is by catering to them with a highly targeted, personalized, and enriching experience at every point of the journey.

More than just tapping upon the individual elements of the Customer experience, we fashion the entire journey. Helping you answer; how to maximize customer value through the customer journey and how to expand through innovations, targeting new customer groups or geographies?


Flat Pack Furniture Brand

Revitalizing the flat-pack furniture brand by identifying and communicating more aspirational brand values but without the possibility to use any external mass media communication channel. Redesigning the in-store user journey became the key to deliver on new brand values.

The Issue

The customer value platform was refined, moving the brand from being perceived as practical, thrifty, and confirmed to being positioned as inspirational, appreciating, and offering the best deals. However, the communication of new positioning was limited to in-store communication.


We believe that everything communicates and each touchpoint with the customer is an opportunity to deliver on brand values, relieving customer pain points and making them feel that the brand gets them. The focus customer target typically comes shopping with the entire family, with women typically being the main decision-makers. The family typically spends the majority of the day in the store.

Sales Volume

2 X

In 3 Years
Visit Frequency Increased 5X Per Year 7X

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