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Repositioning a Global Dairy Brand

The objective was to discover new consumption occasions and increase consumption frequency by developing new customer-insights based positioning

The Issue

The brand was considered a transit regulator to use only in case of digestive problems. As a consequence the brand was consumed over two to three times in a month. The product is being recommended by the doctors of some hospitals and administered to the patient on their advice. The product is perceived as a healthy product with its pharmaceutical association and is consumed mostly by the older or older part of the population.


Some major insights which surfaced through the combination of qualitative and quantitative research was to pursue a global trend of healthy living. The fact that one should take care of their health has to be made a new trend. The product shall be targeting such audiences which vibe with being vibrant, confident and fun. Basically, the target audience should be focussed on millennials further breaking it down as the young and dynamic crowd. Chasing fitness centres and yoga studios or other such community centres which promote healthy lifestyles. Moreover, a redesigned and more active presence on social media with relevant lifestyle content which reflects the style of targeted audience.

Monthly Revenue

23 %

Increase In 3 Months

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