By Van Natter Consulting Group

Unlocking Business Growth: The Role of SEO in Transforming an IT Consulting Startup.

Launching an IT consulting startup is inherently challenging. Success is about more than just laying a robust business foundation–it requires a strong digital presence as well. The problem our client, a budding IT consulting startup with a unique service offer, faced was their digital invisibility. Their innovative solutions were lost in the vast online void, as their website saw few visitors and their digital marketing efforts failed to gain traction. This lack of online visibility was a significant barrier to business growth.

This article takes you through how our team harnessed strategic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to guide this startup out of digital obscurity and onto a path of growth.

The Client's Challenge

Our client had a lot of potential. Yet, their online visibility was almost non-existent. Despite providing valuable services, their website was not drawing the attention it deserved, hindering their growth potential. The challenges they faced were:

Low Search Engine Visibility
Their website was not showing up on search engine result pages, making it hard for potential customers to discover their services.
Limited Organic Traffic
The website wasn't pulling in enough organic traffic to sustain and grow the business.
Stifled Growth
The lack of online visibility was severely limiting their potential for business growth and expansion.

Our Approach

Understanding the significant role SEO plays in digital marketing today, our team set out to create a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to the client’s niche and target audience. The strategy aimed to improve online visibility, increase organic traffic, and drive business growth.

The SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategy was made of several key components:

Keyword Research
We began by conducting an in-depth keyword research process to identify the keywords and search terms potential customers used when seeking IT consulting services.
On-Page Optimization
Using the data from keyword research, we optimized the client's website, including its content, meta descriptions, title tags, and header tags, to align with the identified keywords.
Local SEO Focus
Knowing how important local prominence is, we optimized the client's Google My Business profile. To boost their online reputation, we ran campaigns aimed to encourage customer reviews, a crucial factor in local search rankings.
Backlink Building
To establish website authority and enhance online visibility, we put together and executed a comprehensive backlink building strategy, aiming for high-quality backlinks from reputable sources.

Additional Strategies

In addition to our SEO efforts, we bolstered our client’s digital growth strategy with several supplementary marketing initiatives. These were strategically designed to further enhance their online presence and expand their digital reach.

Social Media Campaigns
We tapped into the power of social media to amplify the client's online presence. We ran targeted social media campaigns across multiple platforms, designed to engage potential customers, drive brand awareness, and encourage meaningful interactions.
Email Marketing
We ran email marketing campaigns to engage directly with the client's audience, offering valuable insights, updates, and special offers, further bolstering the brand's presence.
Influencer Collaborations
We engaged in strategic partnerships with relevant industry influencers to amplify our client's visibility, using the influencer's existing audience and credibility to promote our client's brand and services.

These additional marketing strategies were carefully integrated with our SEO strategy to maximize their effectiveness in boosting the client’s brand and digital presence. Together, these initiatives created a powerful synergy that propelled our client towards success.


Our SEO strategy’s effectiveness became evident quite quickly. The client’s website, which had previously been hidden in the digital shadows, saw a significant rise in search engine rankings. Keywords related to their key services moved from obscurity to the first page of Google search results. This dramatic increase in their online visibility led to a 300% increase in organic traffic within just three months.

The Impact on Sales

The boost in online visibility didn’t just result in more website traffic—it significantly improved the client’s sales performance. In the first six months of implementing our SEO strategy, they reported a 250% increase in online sales. Our focus on local SEO also paid off: the client dominated local search results, leading to an 80% increase in local sales.


We harnessed SEO’s powerful influence in driving organic traffic and boosting sales figures. The client’s exponential growth in online visibility translated into substantial increases in both online and local sales. It demonstrates the immense potential SEO has for small businesses, particularly in a complex industry like IT consulting.

The success of our client’s IT consulting startup attests to strategic SEO’s power. Through a carefully crafted and tailored approach, we helped them break out of obscurity and embark on a journey of remarkable growth.

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